Hailstorm Roof Damages and How to Prevent Them

Your roof is subjected to harsh weather conditions such as hail storms and strong winds. The problem with hailstorms is that it is not something that you can prevent but on the other hand, you can do your best to protect your roof. Besides having a sturdy roof, it should also be inspected from time to time for damage. Hire a professional roofing specialist to inspect if there are any hail damages.

What are the Kinds of Hail Damages?

Hail damages come in different forms. The damages vary when these large frozen raindrops fall on your roof. The damages may include;

  • The granules on the shingles start loosening
  • Various metal roof parts and vents are damaged
  • Asphalt shingles get soft and bruising spots

Although these are some of the hail damages that you may have to deal with, there are other determinants on the kind of damage and the extent your roof gets. The age of the roof, the dynamics of the hailstorm, the roofing materials and the condition of the roof plays a big role in how much damage the roof will experience.

How Bad Can Hail Damage the Roof?

At times the hail storm damage is not visible as it takes some time and this is another reason a professional roofer should inspect the roof. The granule loss and the fracture could be worsened by the weight of the hailstones, the wind velocity, the size of the hailstones and even their falling height. If it’s not too much, it may not damage the roof.

Ways of Protecting the Roof from Hail Damage

Even with the heaviest hailstorms, there is that one thing you can do to protect your roof from damages.

  • Since roof installation plays a big role on the damage that the hailstorms can cause, it’s imperative that the roof is installed properly. The best way to do so is ensuring you hire a professional and reputable roofer
  • Ensure that the roof is made of high quality materials. If your roof is made of cheap and poor quality material, it will be easily damaged by hailstorms. The thing with high-quality materials is that they easily resist the dynamics of hailstorms
  • Repairs should be done immediately. When the condition of the roof has deteriorated, it becomes easy for hailstorms to damage the roof. Get the roof inspected before the storms start, cover the identified holes and fix the weak spots. The damage will be minimized
  • Get insured against hailstorms. Sometimes the damage can be immense which means you will have to part with a lot of money. If your current homeowner insurance policy does not cover such damages, you should buy insurance that covers hail damage

Considering the importance of your roof, it should always be in good condition. Regular inspections will help in minimizing the impact of hailstorms on your roof. Your roof will protect you better if it is installed properly, it’s well-maintained and its materials are of high-quality.