History Of The Use Of Carpet

People love their houses and they make sure that their houses looking good and beautiful all the time. For that, they do different things like changing the look of the house and adding more glamorous and trendy look. They use different showpieces and furniture with different designs. Most of the decoration of the house shows us the likes and dislikes of the owner. There will be so many things, which people add to their house, which brings comfort to the house along with the beauty. There are so many different items people are making for the house construction and the best part is that these things are changing in designs, and styles according to the current trend but these things will never go out of fashion. One of such item is carpet.

Carpets are being used for floor decoration for years and decades. In the 18th century, too carpets were being used but at that time they were very rare and only royal and rich people were able to afford them. Because of the worth, carpets were out of the reach of normal people. There are many things, which were the cause of increasing the price of the carpets at that time. The fabrics were not easily available in all over the world and people were used to importing them from around the world by ship. The cost of the shipping of the fabric was one thing. Another thing was the tough and time-consuming manufacturing of this product. At that, time people were only used to make handmade carpets. There were no machines at that time. It was a very hard ob and used to take months and days. That is why carpets were very expensive. At that time, some people used to explain a different art through carpet designs. Even now, handmade carpets are very expensive.

Nowadays 85% carpets are being made with machines and the fabric is also available in all over the world very easily. People now have no need to import fabric from across the world. the quality of the fabric is also different from each other. if the carpet is made of a little bit low-quality fabric, its cost will be low too and the cost will increase as the quality of the fabric will increase. The size of the carpet also matters. The carpet seller will measure the size of the room and he will then calculate total price according to that. Some people cover half of the room but some like to cover the whole room.

Carpets look very classy and trendy but the only problem is that the fabric of carpet gets very dirty. It does not just ruin the look of the house but it also harms a person’s health. A dirty carpet can have many bacteria, which can be bad for the health of people. It is why keeping the carpets clean are very important. There are many carpet cleaning companies in all over the world .these companies clean the carpets with many different products to kill all the bacteria and to make the carpet healthy and beautiful.