Compression Fittings: Why These are considered Best Fittings for Joining?

Compression fittings are special types of coupling that join two pipes firmly. These types of fittings are preferred over other types of coupling because these are tighter and stronger. It seals the leakage of water, gases, and other substances from the pipes. Compression fittings normally consist of a nut and ring that sit on the main fitting to join two pipes. Compression fittings have a number of applications in domestic, industrial and commercial use.

Compression fittings are used in circumstances where it is impossible for when soldering is not an option. Mostly where the pipes are wet and the soldering is not working. These types of fittings are very easy to install and uninstall because it can simply screwed and unscrewed. There are three components in the compression fittings: a nut, a ring and threaded metal piece. The threaded piece and outer nut are made with strong metals such as steel or other metals. But the inner ring is made with copper or brass.

Compression fittings have several uses in normal life such as heaters, air conditioner pipes, refrigerators and many other home appliances. The joint can be sealed tighter by applying thread sealing tape. Compression fittings are not only used in the electrical appliances but also in the plumbing systems. The materials used to make the compression fittings for plumbing, is PVC, copper, iron, and steel. The reason of the popularity of these fittings is that they are leakage free and airtight sealed.

Compression fittings are made in different shapes and sizes. Each type is suitable for different type of connections. The different types of compression fittings include compression caps, compression elbows, compression tees, etc. Compression fittings can be lubricated to avoid excessive friction between two joints. It also increases the life of the fitting by reducing the stress on both pipe sections. To increase the efficiency, one can simply put a little grease on the joint before tightening it.

Finding compression fittings is very easy as you can get the compression fittings from the any good local hardware store. Installation of these fittings is also and really simple. It is as simple as tightening a nut on a threaded piece of metal. You just have to screw it carefully to avoid any crack. Excessive use of force can cause cracks in the threaded part (for plastic fittings). It is also important that you should not move the pipes where the compression fittings are installed because movement can increase pressure on the joints and can damage it.

These fittings are regularly used by the professional and skilled workers in all kinds of industries where pipes are involved. Home owners can hire a professional if they want to install compression fittings on any kind of pipes at their homes. But if you think you can do it on your own then you can get these from the market and install these fittings according to the instructions manual. While repairing at home on your own, you just have to be careful with the tools to avoid any damage.