A guide to designing a feature wall

Designing a feature wall can transform a room entirely – so if you are looking for a fresh new look in your home, a feature wall could be the solution. And guess what? It is a relatively low-cost solution as well. However, if you’re not sure where to start with your feature wall design, DM Design, provider of bespoke kitchens in Glasgow, has created this list of tips on getting it right, but that’s not to say you should do them all – we recommend you pick one technique

Add colour
The aim of a feature wall is to make a statement – and to act as a focal point in the room. With this is mind, you should avoid dull and neutral colours on the chosen wall – think bold, think bright. If there’s a bright and bold colour you love, but may be too much for a whole room, a feature wall is the perfect solution. This works particularly well if the rest of the room is neutral, with subtle accents of that colour.

Add fresh life
Accessorising your home with plants is a great way to bring your room to life at the minute. The trend of bringing the outdoors indoors is very popular right now. You can monopolise on this trend with a green, plant-based feature wall. This can be achieved through a printed wallpaper (think tropical leaves or wildflower prints) or add custom shelving to hold a selection of potted plants.

Add wall stickers
You can transform a plain wall into a feature easily with the application of wall stickers. Wall stickers come in all varieties, from beautiful trees, words and mottos, to more quirky pieces. Wall stickers are also a great choice for children’s bedrooms, with playful designs available to please any child.

Add frames
You can showcase all your favourite photos and memories to make a wall stand out in your home. The key here is that the frames themselves are just as important as what goes in them. Decide what you want to frame, then you have the choice: choose the same size and arrange in an ordered fashion – or get mismatched frames and arrange them in a more haphazard way.

Add an oversized image
The bigger the better when it comes to a feature wall – you want everyone’s eyes to be drawn to it on arrival. A great result can be achieved if you choose a blown-up image for your feature wall. Whether there’s a photo that you love, a landscape – or you’ve chosen something from the wallpaper provider – a photo-based wall mural can completely transform a room into something very personal.

The Most recent Contemporary Kitchen area Designs

With the paint colours, decorating products and furnishings choices obtainable, the task of designing your kitchen using the kitchen design that is contemporary appears complicated. How in the event you integrate modern kitchen style ideas in to your current kitchen area? You should always take into account the design concepts the modern kitchen style was depending on, then pick the items which match the actual theme. This way, you could pick the items for that kitchen prior to your spending budget, and still possess a modern appear. Here’s a glance at the main design components, with several examples.

Daring and Thoroughly clean Lines

Make an effort to keep as numerous clean outlines as probable inside the kitchen, select rectangular designs. But, the bent kitchen counter top or bent table might additionally increase this style. To maintain clean outlines, a few cases of the modern kitchen suggestions viewed tend to be modular furniture things that possess edges which are well completed. Flooring might be wooden cedar planks that show long outlines or tiled. The modular kitchen area furniture enables big space for storage, so you can hide just about all kitchen items which don’t have bold lines like the utensils, to ensure that the clean space as well as clean lines to become maintained much more.

Color Mixes

It’s vital to select kitchen colours appropriately. Some of the common kitchen area color combos would be the off-white wall space, that possess glass as well as steel furniture in addition to white home appliances. This kind of mixture is ideal for small kitchen areas. Individuals that choose off-white kitchen area wall colorings must give a few accents for example paintings, the vase, or even accompany the actual off-white inside using contemporary kitchen drape design suggestions, that might be translucent materials of azure or lemon colors. You can involve delicate modern kitchen area backsplash style ideas, using the off-white kitchen since the accent too, such like a gray as well as black pattern inside the image behind an electrical chimney.


Kitchen lights really are a vital element which plays a role in the contemporary kitchen style. The contemporary kitchens is going to be brightly lighted. If you own limited illumination, then make use of these suggestions; ensure there’s a good amount of natural gentle coming with the kitchen. If you don’t possess sufficient natural illumination, then consider putting inside a sky gentle or an additional window. When the sky gentle or brand new window option isn’t useful, then select extra lamps that reveal contemporary artwork. Choose lamps that have good edgy or even curved designs, and use a body associated with steel.

Clean Space

The modular kitchen area furniture is going to be designed to provide plenty associated with space in order to store just about all kitchen utensils. It furthermore possesses sections to suit the numerous appliances like the dishwasher, stove, and several even have space for any refrigerator. Should you believe you will require additional space in order to store these things, choose kitchen area countertops which have storage room below all of them. You might additionally select closed modern kitchen cupboards, if you want for additional space for storage.

Mistakes to avoid while you are planning Kitchen Renovation

The renovation is an attempt to change the interior of the existing design. If you are up for a plan to renovate your kitchen then you can do so systematically if you have chalked down the entire plan of what to include and what to exclude. No matter how comfortably you have designed the rest of your house, the outlook of the kitchen seems very important. Remodeling of kitchen is basically like a big project work where lots of variables are to be considered.

If you have children in your house then taking proper care while the renovation is a must. You have to be more considerate about renovation as you need to keep the useful items next to you in the kitchen. As the kitchen is the most productive part of the house making a tiptop renovation avoiding mistakes is much.

Plans to avoid any mistake while renovating a Kitchen

1.Make room for your work to counter enough space

It is one of the biggest problems that slips out of our mind while we renovate. You may desire to have decorative countertops in the kitchen for proper functioning. Measure the size of the kitchen and the counter tops area before fixing is required to enjoy a spacious feel in the kitchen.

2.The golden triangle layout of the kitchen

When you are updating your kitchen tries to maintain a triangular shape of space that is to be left out to move in the kitchen freely. Add sink, stove, and refrigerator in a triangular order for easy access.

3.Do not litter the small stuff here and there

Keep the small items like spoons, forks, in the drawers of the cabinet. If you have more storage solutions in your kitchen you can enjoy keeping loads of items in specific order, without losing it.

4.Follow a specific design, like an island style

The latest trend of decoration- an island style, makes a kitchen look magnificent. If you can arrange for smart kitchen cabinet refinishing you can install it in an island style.  You can follow the layout of U or L shapes of the finest look.

5.Light it up

Sometimes, we don’t use powerful light in the kitchen to avoid electricity bills, but the point is you need to light up. Room generally needs three kinds of lighting; general light for illuminating the rooms, task light, and accent light. You can use both task light and general light in the kitchen. The main motive is to allow the light to illuminate all over the kitchen room.

6.Try not to close the windows

Kitchen must be airy and fresh. Various kinds of cooking smell sometimes, makes the cook feel nausea, hence, to avoid it windows must be opened. You can fix an exhaust fan or even a chimney to avoid the oily effects that stick on the wall of the room.

The top companies who thrive on selling high-quality Kitchen cabinet refinishing in Ottawa, Ontario, in Canada, can offer you the finest refinished items to keep in the kitchen. They offer cost effective quality material which you can glance at, if you have plans for renovation.



Installing Hardwood Floor with the glue down method


When utilizing the pastedown technique for installing hardwood flooring, it is significant that the surface where you will put your ground surface boards is legitimately arranged. You’ll be joining your ground surface boards to this surface, so the floor must be smooth, dry, and as spotless as conceivable to give your hardwood floor renewal a strong bolster base. Be especially watchful to tidy up anything that appears as though it might be oil or oil, as your paste may not legitimately bond.

It’s additionally vital that your subfloor is totally level and level. In the event that you see any unevenness, make them fix concrete from the handyman shop to even the subfloor.

You likewise need to pick between one of the two techniques for laying hardwood boards down with the pastedown strategy. Your decisions for installing hardwood ground surface are the Walk On technique or the Wet Lay strategy.

On the off chance that you pick the Wet Lay strategy for installing hardwood flooring at nhanceontario.ca, you’ll be putting paste over the substrate took after by setting the hardwood board on top of the paste. After the paste begins to wind up distinctly cheap, you continue to the following board. Nonetheless, once in a while it is prescribed for first-time installers utilizing the pastedown technique to put the following boards before the paste gets to be distinctly cheap with the goal that you can modify your boards a couple of minutes after the fact on the off chance that they are not arranged legitimately.

The Walk On technique requires exact board laying. This procedure of installing hardwood flooring holds up until the paste is exceptionally crude and after that lays the board in the paste. This shields you from getting paste smears everywhere on your boards as you go. Experienced hardwood installers commonly utilize the Walk On technique on account of the better-completed outcomes it can give. Since you are perusing guidelines about how to install hardwood floors, we’ll accept you’re utilizing the Wet Lay strategy.

How to choose furniture for a garden

In the hottest summer days, we are always dreaming of being out of town, enjoying your own garden sitting in a cozy chair under the canopy of dense greenery. If you are already a happy owner of such a “family oasis” or you are only thinking of buying a private house or cottage, the following questions will chase you all the time, especially with the onset of a warm season: what to plant in the garden, how to arrange the entrance to the house and the terrace, what outdoor furniture to buy.

With the help of furniture, you can create different styles and surprise your neighbors with your creative approach to designing your garden.
Here are three brightest styles that can be created with the help of garden furniture:
• tropical island (for example, Bali) can be created with the help of wicker furniture, a lot of tall plants and bright accessories;
• French café. You can use forged furniture of white or black color plus pink or striped parts to create the atmosphere of France in your garden.
• Oriental style (Morocco and Arab East). A combination of elegant furniture and stone sofas, as if growing out of the wall and a large number of pillows and a bright umbrella – and you are enjoying the sweet aroma of East in your garden.
• If you are a fan of minimalism, you can apply strict forms of laconic Japanese style.
How to choose the right furniture for the garden?
The most important factor in choosing furniture is the size of your property. If you have a small patio or backyard, a few meters of garden, then, of course, you don’t need bulky furniture.
Pay attention to the place where the purchased furniture will be installed. The garden should be well thought out, that it was functional and at the same time attractive. Here are two questions to be answered before buying furniture: on what basis will garden furniture be installed – stone slabs or grass? Will the furniture be stationary or portable?
But in any case, the main and decisive factor is the material from which the furniture is made.
Plastic furniture is the most budget variant. Furniture made of plastic is compact, light and beautiful. It is convenient to carry from place to place, and you can easily wash it. You can pick up chic plastic furniture, imitating a tree, a vine, a stone and even … antiques. Just keep in mind that plastic furniture quickly burns out in the sun, is covered with scratches during the usage and needs shelter for the winter (you can simply bring it into the house for the winter period).
Wooden furniture is the perfect decision for fans of natural materials. It is durable, ecological and quite resistant to the harsh weather conditions. But here you should pay attention to the quality of wood, protective coating and accessories. In the production of garden furniture made of wood, it is treated with special antiseptic agents, protecting the tree from decay, and covered with weatherproof varnishes and paints. The most durable wooden furniture is made of teak and an array of coniferous wood. But it also needs regular updating – tinting or varnishing.
Metal (forged) furniture for the garden is universal and fits in almost any design. It is stable, not subject to deformation and does not lose its appearance for a long time due to a special anti-corrosion coating. However, in the heat the metal is very hot (therefore, you cannot sit on a chair in a swimsuit – you need something to cover it), and in cold weather and the seats are very cold. Therefore, it is better to choose dining sets with chairs that have a soft removable cover. In the rain, coatings can be removed and put into shelter or covered with waterproof material.
Rattan furniture for the garden is rather capricious and may deform from time to time especially if the temperature changes and it is exposed to the scorching sun rays. Many manufacturers offer furniture made from artificial rattan claiming that it is durable, does not afraid of moisture and can withstand any climate. Nowadays manufacturers use artificial rattan to produce various furniture ranging from chairs to kitchen cabinets. Indeed, furniture made of artificial rattan is more practical than natural, and much cheaper.