5 reasons why Apartments in Pune are proving to be the safest Investment

Pune is the second largest city in the state of Maharashtra and is proving out to be a very valid investment option for the near future. Here, we explore the reasons that make Apartments in Pune the safest investment in the property sector.

Pune is a picturesque city along the Western Coast of Maharashtra, located a few hours away from the metropolitan city of Mumbai. The city is growing at an increasing rate that predicts it to be among the top metropolitan cities of the country, within the coming decade. Pune experiences heavy monsoon each year and is known for its, calm and cool weather throughout the rest of the year.

When it comes to a residence in Pune, Apartments are a very valid option that prove out to be very beneficial investments for the future as well. The reasons listed below, explore the prospects of Apartments in the city of Pune as a mode of investment:

1-    Solving the Problem of Security

Unlike private bungalows and houses, Apartments in Pune or elsewhere already come along with their security and amenities. With an additional quarterly charge of maintenance, you can avail the best water and security services without having to worry about them each month. Living in a society also lowers the risk of getting mugged or robbed dramatically, as there are guards that patrol and maintain the perimeter of the society 24 x 7.

2-    Connectivity

Pune is only a 4-hour drive away from Mumbai which makes it an excellent location to spend your weekend. Many people living in Pune, travel to Mumbai regularly to take care of their business errands as well. Both the cities connect with each other through the NH-4 highway which is one of the most beautiful roads in India. Buying an Apartment in Pune will ensure your connectivity to NH-4 and Mumbai accordingly.

3-    Easy to Rent Out

Pune is the technological hub of western Maharashtra. The city is full of IT parks and companies that employ thousands of employees each year. Due to this, you will always find tenants looking for a place to stay which makes it very easy for you to rent out your home. Bungalows and private houses, on the other hand, demand a hefty rent amount which most working professionals are not willing to way. An Apartment in Pune will ensure regular monthly returns on your investment unlike a private house, which would require you to search for a tenant extensively for a long period.

4-    The Location Advantage

Luxury Apartments in the city of Pune are mostly located in the middle of the city with essential facilities like markets, schools, hospitals, etc. all nearby and ready for action. Private houses, on the other hand, can mostly be found on the outskirts of the city in locations like Katraj, Kharadi, etc. Hence, if you are looking for amenities and connectivity to nearest hospital and school, then it would be a good idea to opt for an Apartment instead of a private house.

5-    Depreciation Rate

The Depreciation Rate of Apartments in the city of Pune is lower when compared to the rate of private houses and bungalows. Apartments are known to hold and maintain their property value as long as the society in which the apartment is located, does not depreciate. On the other hand, the property rate of private houses keeps fluctuating depending on the market trend.

In the case of Pune, Apartments seem to be the more viable option with loads of amenities and features that are bound to uplift your lifestyle. The above-stated factors will help you realise that Apartments in Pune are the safest form of investment when it comes to property.