Engineered Hardwood Flooring – A Great Option for Better Stability and Trendy Too

Want to upgrade your home? An instant and refreshing way to enhance your home is new flooring! Nowadays there are such a variety of flooring options available. A flooring option we really love and can recommend is engineered hardwood flooring. This kind of flooring is manufactured from a base of hardwood, HDF (high density fibre) or Plywood. The top layer is manufactured from a hardwood veneer which is joined to the core’s surface with an adhesive.

acacia wood flooring
acacia wood flooring

Engineered hardwood flooring is available in the majority of hardwood species, portraying the characteristics of the genuine hardwood! This wood product has been created to provide more stability to your flooring. This type of flooring is excellent in areas exposed to heat & moisture. Such areas can be a drawback for traditional solid hardwood-flooring.

Generally engineered hardwood flooring has at least three or more base layers. You can expect greater stability with more layers! Solid hardwood consists of the original wood species across the flooring. However, solid hardwood flooring has excellent refinishing and sanding capabilities, compared to engineered hardwood. Your solid hardwood is usually more expensive, whilst it poses a problem in conditions of heat and moisture.

A great feature of engineered hardwood is that it keeps the natural beauty and warmth of your conventional solid hardwood flooring. Actually its top layer consists of real hardwood!

At GoHaus you can find a beautiful and wide variety of flooring options which include:

Hardwood Flooring Species:

European Oak (16 options)

Maple (7 options)

Exotic (5 options)

Acacia (4 options)

White Oak (4 options)

Birch   (4 options)

Walnut (2 options)

Furthermore GoHaus offers a variety of luxury vinyl flooring in more than forty colours which include the WPC Click Vinyl and the glue down type of vinyl planks. Tile flooring is also available in beautiful styles.

Gohaus’ engineered hardwood flooring is absolutely amazing and the only difficulty you may have, is to make your choice! Due to the fact that they sell their products manufacturer-direct, their prices are highly competitive.

GoHaus even offer an online guide for buyers which give you complete instructions what to take into account from the planning stage to purchase! They have a generous offer of six free samples. Your order will be delivered in two to eight business days, via priority shipping!

Should you decide to choose engineered hardwood flooring, you can have the same elegance and warmth as provided by solid hardwood flooring, which is more expensive. With GoHaus’ website at your fingertips you have endless style possibilities! With their beautiful and wide variety of flooring options, they offer stylish options fit for the taste of a connoisseur! Their highly competitive prices fit a wide range of budgets!