How Often Do You Need the Carpets in Your Home Professionally Cleaned?

It’s a question every homeowner with plush carpeting ponders from time to time. You chose to carpet because it looks gorgeous and feels great under your feet, especially in the cold winter months. Sure, you vacuum and you might even rent one of those steam cleaners from the supermarket to maintain your carpet, but guess what, nothing can replace a professional cleaning. But if you hiring a commercial cleaner, how often should you have them come in? The answer varies based on your carpet and the amount of traffic it gets on a routine basis.


If you just had the carpet put in, it may have come with a warranty. So the answer to your question is right there in black and white. Refer to your warranty paperwork to find out how often you need to get the carpet professionally cleaned. It will typically tell you, but most warranties require a professional cleaner’s attention once a year. That is usually a minimum recommendation. You can have it done more than that if you so choose. But in order to comply with the warranty, get the carpets professionally cleaned annually.

Foot Traffic

For those of you who are not bound to a carpet warranty, you have more freedom to bring in a professional whenever you wish. One of the factors you should take into consideration is the amount of foot traffic that walks over the carpet. The more people living at home, the higher the foot traffic will be.Family homes are going to want to bring in a professional more often than a home with one or two occupants living within. Kids are also a big part of the equation. A good rule of thumb is to have your carpet professionally cleaned every two years if you live alone or if you’re a couple living in the house. Families may want to get their carpets done every six to nine months, depending on the number of children that are in the house.

Pets and Carpeting

Everyone loves having a dog or cat in the house but this can also have an impact on how often you decide to get your carpets professionally cleaned. A home with one pet that lives indoors can probably have the carpets cleaned once or twice a year. That can change if the pet makes some messes on occasion. Homes with multiple pets that live indoors and/or outdoors may want to hire a professional crew every six months. This can get rid of all the dander and hair that pets leave behind and eliminate any stains that might be set into the fibers.

Routine Cleaning

Whether you go once or twice a year for your professional cleaning, routine maintenance is essential to ensuring the look and life of your carpet for the long-term. Professional cleaners like Dr. Chem-Dry can reduce the effects of spills and stains and prevent bacteria from growing and threatening the health of you and your family. Setting a schedule will be the best choice for protecting your investment and keeping the carpet looking its best at all times.