Tried and tested kitchen surface tips


There are a million and one cleaning hacks floating around on the internet, we have spent the last few weeks trying every one we can get out hands on, and these are the chosen few that we think actually work.

Surface Cleaner

You can spend a lot of money on kitchen cleaner, but it does not have to be so expensive. You can make a perfectly good kitchen cleaner out of household items right now. Take some white vinegar, an orange and a couple of lemons for the ingredients. Then all you need is some food storage containers, and a cleaned-out spray bottle (reuse your old, expensive one for extra satisfaction).

Peel all of the citrus fruit, and place the peelings in the container. Once done, fill the rest of the jar with the food storage container with vinegar and let it sit for 4-5 days. After this the citrus should have infused with the vinegar, so you can simply drain the liquid into the spray bottle and voila!

This spray actually has a bunch of uses, but we have found it most effective for wiping down surfaces, cleaning oven hobs and even polishing up mirrors and windows.

Remove Chopping Board Stains

Butchers blocks are not cheap either, in fact if you are looking at full trolley make up you can easily rack up over a thousand pounds on them. With that kind of investment it would make sense if you want to keep it clean. We have found the below removes stains and discolouring, bringing your gorgeous wooden chopping board back to its former glory.

For this tip, get your hands on some baking soda, a lemon and some table salt.

Take a teaspoon of both the salt and the baking soda, and sprinkle them evenly across the surface. Cut the lemon in half, and then rub this all over the chopping board (tough stains might need some elbow grease), the action of the baking soda, plus the gritty texture of the salt should lift the stains right up with ease. Simply rinse down and pat dry afterwards.

Metal Faucets and Basins

Our last tip is for the metal in your life, and it could not be more simple.

Just take a few pieces of kitchen roll, and soak them in our trusty white vinegar. Wipe down the basin, rinse and let dry. For faucets and handles you don’t even have to wipe, simply wrap it round the offending area and leave on for a couple of minutes. When you remove the wrap, pat dry and admire your sparkly clean metal!

Share your favourite kitchen tips in the comments.